We offer psychotherapy, counselling, acupuncture, massage therapy and reflexology.  In all fields of practice we respond to our clients concerns and levels of comfort.  All mind-body therapies (acupuncture, massage, and reflexology) can be altered in a variety of ways to accommodate individual needs.  We enjoy and are comfortable providing our services to a wide variety of populations.


We are interested in the developing brain, the healing brain, and the declining brain.  We provide developmental assessments for early in life (ages 3-6) and cognitive assessments for adults and seniors.  We then provide therapy, education, and avenues to follow that are not medication oriented.  A great amount of function can be claimed or recovered through naturally stimulating methods.  If needed we refer to appropriate health care professionals.


We love the ancient movement and meditation practices that were born out of human experience and observation.  We practice yoga, qigong, tai chi, meditation and the young movement form of pilates.  We work with the active ingredients in each practice and find the creative source that is deeply healing and life sustaining.  We have taught classes in our studio for 18 years and our longest running continuous class is in its’ 17th year!


The body, mind and spirit all rely on collective fundamental core practices for healthy functioning.  In a healthy individual those practices are acquired naturally.  For many, something is not right and symptoms appear.  To know what to do when one is unwell is invaluable.  We provide health and wellness education in private sessions, lectures and workshops.  We also offer educational courses that are taught internationally and taught by certified instructors.

Prospective Clients

Our therapists are experienced in working with all ages: children, youth, adults and seniors.

Experience also allows us to assist people with unique concerns or in unique situations.  We strive to provide informed and individualized care.

All inquiries welcome.

Treatment and Sitting Rooms

Our treatment and sitting rooms are small sanctuaries where people can feel safe and relax.  All rooms are sound-proofed so the outside world falls away.  Lighting can be dimmed if need and background music is optional.  Our treatment tables are electric and can be altered for height, and one treatment room is wheelchair accessible.

The SkyBlue Studio

Quiet, calm, and relaxed … our studio is a 475 square foot carpeted room that is kept at room temperature and has a wall of windows that provide north facing natural light.  Our studio is home to weekly classes, weekend workshops and courses, lectures and private bookings.

Common Concerns

• Acute and Chronic Pain

• Emotional and Mental Stress

• Trauma Support and Recovery

• Depression and Loneliness

• Chronic Illness and Physical Injuries

• Infant and Family Member Loss

• Pre/Post Surgery Support and Recovery

• Aging and Multiple Conditions

• Senior Support and Comfort

• Sleeping and Breathing Difficulties

• Conception/Pregnancy/Birth Support

• Spiritual Health and Clarity

• Death and Transition Support

• Caregiver Support and Family Member Care

Physical Fitness and Well-being