Direct Billing

We provide direct billing services for acupuncture, registered massage therapy and psychological services.  Direct billing availability for each service varies by insurance company as shown in the table below.  Please download the Direct Billing Forms and complete them prior to your first appointment.  The Forms are a fillable PDF so can be completed online, saved, printed and signed.  Alternatively, they can be filled at the time of your first visit if you give yourself an extra 10 minutes.

During your first and all subsequent visits, we can submit the private session to your insurance company for reimbursement to us.  Any amount owing after the claim submission is paid at the end of your treatment.  The amount reimbursed will vary by type of service, insurance company and the specifics of your insurance plan.  If your plan requires a doctor’s letter to be on file, please ensure that it is in place.  These are typically valid from six months to one year.

We currently direct bill to all of the insurance companies shown in the table below.  Inquiries are welcome for all other benefit plans.

Direct Billing Available By Insurance Company and Service